The clips of repertoire below are linked to some of the Major Arcana of the Tarot and their esoteric correspondences.  For more info on my dance work, or to request full length footage, email me at monteleonedance@gmail.com.  

"No Safe Word" 2019
hanged man.jpeg

“No Safe Word in Salvation” is an interdisciplinary dance work inspired by Norse and Christian themes of surrender and sacrifice performed through a queer lens. The soloist, in a leather harness, fuses virtuosically intricate movement vocabulary, video and poetry to original works by composers Kronodigger and Brightwell Thompson.

"Pan" 2019

"Is gravity the lust of galaxies? How far is the reach of Pan? Is he bound to earth or do his hooves dance the stars? Hopscotching D.N.A might just sew back a shadow that never strayed too far away."


"In Nomine Pan” is a psycho-spiritual invocation to the Greek god Pan. The work uses a richly innovative movement vocabulary over evocative projection to re-contextualize Peter Pan and what it means so “sew back your shadow"

"NEur0-" 2018

A retro multimedia videogame performance exploring the meta nature of thinking about thinking.

"Squaring the circle" (2016)
"in Nomine Babalon" 2017

Babalon is a performance result of a psycho-spiritual process inspired by magician Aleister Crowley and his unique mythology.  Babalon, a deity of myriad forms, is the tendency of cosmic forces to create infinitely without bias. The solo releases an onslaught of highly intricate movement phrases set to a collage of electronic, ambient, and interspecies sound mixed by the artist. The work expresses the potent heat of creation when creative process is not hindered by the desire for a result, but rather blissfully immersed in its own unfettered workings.


“YOUNIVERSE”, a collaboration between Monteleone Dance and Visual Barz LLC, reveals a fictional society’s attempt to make sense of its crumbling virtual reality. Joe Monteleone’s unprecedented movement invention interacts with video projection to illustrate the manipulation of personal reality tunnels and hermetic philosophy in a dystopian cyber zeitgeist.  An elaborate arsenal of movement, prose, and video projection abstract this digital catastrophe. 

"Dexterity of War" 2016

This solo is motivated by the imagery and information associated with the 16th tarot card, “The Tower”.  The work transmutes the high effortful charge, often seen in full-bodied movement, into an articulate and dexterous vocabulary.  The work conceptualizes language into will, and places volition into gestural warfare.  Poignant tension moves through idiosyncratic form, deconstructing archetypal imaginary in the body down to finely tuned geometric design.  The work invites political undertones, set to a complex mix of electronic and experimental sounds arranged by Joe Monteleone.

"Squaring the Circle" 2016

Began as a collaboration with the Lower Raritan Watershed Partnership to address ecological issues facing the river and its inhabitants.  The work creates a movement ecosystem illustrating Zen Buddhist philosophies.  A “natural” installation is transmuted into a conventional designation of space, revealing metaphors of ancient Greek geometry and deep alchemical processes. This is both a group protocol and a ritual that collides the seemingly natural with the possibly manufactured, through transmuting installation, inviting a grossly curious dissonance to the unsuspecting viewer.

From grass to metal to skin to bone, this work mines away the interfaces between mind, body, and material, ultimately probing the rigid mental encapsulation that "identity" can institute.  No animals were harmed in the creation of this work.

"Wrecked" 2017 (has only been performed once, never again)


"Vocabulary of Design" 2015

Locavulary De Sign is part movement algorithm, a machine, and installation that reflects the cultural fabric of today’s Zeitgeist.  The ubiquitous concrete and metallic edges that ornament urban functionality are flaunted in the factory that the dancers perform.  The work superimposes the human psyche (our desires, fears, and superficialities) onto our inorganic landscapes. The sound is a complex amalgamation of electronic, ambient, and experimental music sampled and mixed by Joe Monteleone. 

"Invisible Rhythm" 2016