Mission Statement:

My current work navigates various mysticisms and philosophy to cultivate new psycho-spiritual models for movement investigation and multimedia dance performance.  I see the studio as an artistic and spiritual space for advancing the brain and body into different states of gnosis, play, and movement research.

Movement invention is a priority of mine, and so I have devoted most of my career to the development of "New Axiom Movement", a shape-oriented choreographic vocabulary that demonstrates the illusion of fixity in a world of motion. Described as a unique fusion of contemporary and hip hop, this intricate and hyper dexterous movement language is at the forefront of dance innovation.  The style augments the human tendency to see patterns on visual data, rendering a visual representation of the human condition to categorize, fix, define, and label experience ("Maya" in Indian mysticism). It fuses geometric design, intricate gesture and street styles onto classical form to produce a richly hypnotic and hieroglyphic style.


These two methodologies collide with multimedia elements including interactive video projection, poetry, and sound design, to create cerebral, interdisciplinary performance works.  My work explores various subject matters, often interfacing the fluid organism with the solid, sterile systems and technology of our zeitgeist.  

Movement Methodology:

Joe Monteleone’s unprecedented and original movement style is a visual representation of “Maya”, the illusion of fixed forms in a world of motion. This richly intricate vocabulary merges geometric design, ballet, contemporary, and hip-hop elements into a hypnotic and hieroglyphic set of densely dexterous movements. The result augments the human tendency to see patterns and shapes in a visual dataset ("apophenia"). In practice, the vocabulary deconstructs normal paradigms of movement, creating new contexts that challenge the logic behind initiation, form, and causality. The movement does not often travel, but instead utilizes a deeper complexity in a smaller spaces.


Joe has taught his unique methodologies on improvisation and "New Axiom Movement" internationally to Colleges, Dance Studios, and more.