I had my first Tarot reading at the age of 10 and knew it was for me. I got my first deck and was in trouble the next day for bringing the cards to elementary school. Witchcraft wasn’t as popular back then as it is now (especially in elementary school.) But I persisted. I continued to study the cards (and still do!). They were my gateway into all sorts of spiritual studies. This, among other unique interests, made me quite the outlier growing up. 

I graduated with a BFA in Dance at Rutgers University and started a multimedia dance company that explored occult philosophy through movement, text, and video. I spent 5 years choreographing, teaching, and performing my choreography nationally and internationally to great acclaim.


I began my professional tarot practice reading at gay clubs in New York City. (This is by far the most challenging atmospheres for psychic work, so from that point on, I could read anywhere). I started reading at private events and corporate events, including Facebook. 


I eventually manifested my two dream jobs. I've always wanted to work as a psychic at Earth Spirit New Age Center, (which is where I got my first deck). They hired me in 2018. My second dream job happened magically. I was walking through the New York Renaissance faire, thinking "one day, I am going to read cards here". A few moments later, I passed the last psychic on "Mystic's Way" (where all the psychics work at the faire). We caught eyes and she asked me "Do you read cards?" I said yes, and she replied "give me a reading", so I did. After less than 5 minutes into the reading, she said "you're hired". Her name is Purim King, and has since been a life-changing mentor.


My studies in healing and other modalities accelerated. I worked with Access Consciousness, Reiki, Runes, Astrology, meditation, eastern and western mysticism, philosophy and more. I got certified as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and began developing a holistic fitness approach that incorporated my magical practices.


I began teaching Tarot, holding workshops and lectures at the New York Pagan Pride Festival, Holistic Business Association, World Divination Association, The Readers’ Studio and more. I published 4 articles through Esotoracle Magazine. 

In 2019, I got bored with the concert dance world so I left it for the fire-spinning world. I made my fire performance debut at The Great Circle at Burning Man 2019 with The Brooklyn Proposition. I continue to perform with fire professionally. 

In 2020, I experienced a life-changing spiritual awakenning.