Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Tarot?


The Tarot is an interfaith device of archetypal images that represent the human condition and the patterns of nature.  The images are derivative of various cultures, religions, and philosophies across the globe including Hermeticism, Christianity, Jewish mysticism, Buddhism, ancient Greek philosophy, Alchemy, and Egyptian Mythology to name a few. 




Where Did The Tarot Come From?

(The Shortest History On Tarot You’ll Ever Read)


 The origin of the tarot is unknown, but its earliest records lie in Renaissance Italy with a connection to a playing card game.  Some believe the tarot has roots all the way back in ancient Egypt.  The Tarot's content has cumulated over the last two thousand years, pulling from antiquity, the Renaissance, Victorian era, and now the 21st century. This unbiased compilation of knowledge has amalgamated a number of traditions such as the Qabalah, Astrology, Neoplatonism, Eastern and Western mysticism, and more to create decks that are highly enriched with symbolism and esoteric meaning.  




Can The Tarot Tell The Future?


Perhaps, but this is a question of the nature of time .  Modern tarot, and my style of reading, is not “fortune-telling”.  Instead, I use the tarot to reveal to the client the situation at hand, diagnose issues, elucidate factors that are influencing such circumstances, and give advice on the options presented.  It is a holistic approach.  You make your own future. I am hear to give you insight. I believe that synchronicity (meaningful and magical coincidences) and selective attention are not mutually exclusive. Tarot readings are both psychological and metaphysical.



How does the tarot work?


Since its beginning humankind has projected the human experience onto the stars, the trees, animals, through mythology, art, ritual, the list goes on.  The tarot is a complex culmination of these pictorial representations of the human experience that we can use for reflection and insight into our own lives.  What’s more, the tarot is composed of symbolism that speaks the language of the unconscious, allowing us to access our intuitive mind. In my practice, Ive come to understand that the 78 cards are in fact ALWAYS active, as they are a perfect representation of human life and the universe. The cards you pull are the aspects of life to keep an eye on! Readings are only the tip of the iceberg of Tarot. Tarot is a path, much like Buddhism or types of Yoga. 



Why get a tarot reading?


There are many reasons why one would seek such an alternative practice.  Because of its illuminative nature, I find the tarot is most helpful when the client is in a period of confusion, uncertainty, or transition.  The tarot centers us, letting us sink into the images of the unconscious to find our own truths.  The tarot reveals the nature of our material selves and helps us get closer to our higher selves