Code of Ethics



  • Information in readings is confidential.  I will not disclose any information discussed in the reading to other parties unless it poses a serious threat to the health of you or somebody else.


  • I take this practice seriously, and will be honest in readings.  However, I won’t tell you what to do.  I may suggest options but the choice in any matter is ultimately yours and yours alone.



  • My readings are not “fortune-telling”.  I can give you insight into future options, but cannot and will not reveal to you future events with certainty.  My readings also will not affect the future.  The future is yours to make.


  • I am not a medium.  I cannot and will not attempt to contact those who have passed.  However, the deceased may come up in a reading if they are influencing the situation, and I will relay that information.  Please know that I am not, at any moment, in communication with any other entity besides you during the reading.



  • I will not give medical or legal advice, nor do I have the credentials or experience to do so.  I can refer you to a specialist if I see the need to do so.  I can however, use to the tarot to help you cope with obstacles associated or caused by health or legal matters.



  • I read all ages!  However, anyone under the age of eighteen will require a parent or guardian in the room.