"A one man band of magical-thinking-made-reality"
--Huffington Post

Joe Monteleone is an expert Tarot teacher, reader, certified coach and mystic idea-smith jailbreaking this reality. His advanced multivalent and utilitarian approach to self-development combines philosophy, energy work, coaching, mysticism, various divination systems,  and the best new and old ideas to create game-changing experiences for his clients. He has read for parties, clubs, corporate events, new age stores, fairs and more.  Notable appearances include the Huffington Post, Esotoracle Magazine, Facebook headquarters, the New York Renaissance Faire, All Business Media FM, World Divination Association, the The Readers Studio and more. His invite-only Tarot courses combine 20 years of esoteric research into profound classes.

Joe studied coaching under Purim King and Christian Mickelsen. He is also a certified personal trainer, fire spinner, and highly acclaimed dancer. His professional dance career incorporates the Tarot into multimedia dance spells, noted as “spiritual and artistic achievements” by The Dance Enthusiast and “The Andy Warhol of Modern Dance” by the Moving Beauty Series. He has performed nationally and internationally to great acclaim.

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